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These outstanding creators have partnered with us to celebrate art, life, and the spirit of dreaming big.


Arjin Claire


Jenny Brinitzer

Mona Bahraini

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Mona Bahraini is founder and owner of The Prickly Pear. She fell in love with succulents and cacti while growing up in Phoenix, Arizona and is excited to bring these specialty plants to Sacramento. Mona is dedicated to community and creativity. 


Eric Bear

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Eric is a third-year CS major at Stanford University who dabbles in music and has been fascinated by mountains for as long as he can remember. He’s teaches computer science remotely and is pursuing app development, and he hopes to share a rugged lens into nature through photography of his home state of Colorado and the West.

“While it can showcase beauty, art can also inspire focus on nature and care for our lands that desperately need it.”

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Jenny has been painting professionally for a decade. It is her second act and one that she finds deeply gratifying. Jenny studied studio art and art history in college, and her main interest is in painting representational abstracts in saturated color. She travels and sketches and usually paints entire series from her journeys.

Andy Cunningham


Andru Defeye

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Arjin is a high-school student from Sacramento. He enjoys exploring  photography techniques and pushing his own creative boundaries through art.

"Art bridges the gap between the rules of the real world and the limitless possibilities of creativity."

Andy Cunningham is an artist and art teacher who has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally and received local recognition from the Crocker Art Museum.

"Art is important to me because it allows for moments of not thinking, places to ponder, and spaces of beauty."

Whether sharing stages with legendary beat poets or your favorite Hip Hop emcees, Andru Defeye’s unorthodox writing and performance style has made him a fixture behind microphones around the country. 2020 saw the release of his critically acclaimed Frequency album followed shortly after by his crowning as the youngest Poet Laureate in California capitol history.

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Michelle Gandhi

Lyra McCarmey

Mollie Morrison

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Michelle has been an educator in Los Angeles for the past 12 years. She believes in supporting her students not just through developing reading, writing, and speaking skills but also supporting students' developing identities as citizens of the world.

"I create lettering pieces to bring simple joy!"

Lyra is an oil and watercolor artist who was raised in Sacramento before she moved to Washington, DC and earned a degree in Music Production and Audio Technology.  

"Through my art, I wish to help people awaken to a higher state of awareness by portraying scenes of both nature and the musings of my soul."

Mollie paints large watercolor pieces; some are haphazard, some are objects and some are patterns. She cuts them into pieces and use these scraps to create the works of art. She waits for each piece to find itself and tries not to push it along.

"Experiencing art creation daily is happiness."


Janet Nuno

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Janet Nuno is a second-year biological sciences major at UC Davis. 
She paints to relax and transfer her thoughts onto a canvas. 

"The beauty of art lies in its subjectivity; the message that lies on a canvas is ours to uncover."


Tala Powis Parker

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Tala is a Shinnecock artist from the Bay Area. She specializes in beadwork and aims to uphold indigenous practices through creating urban native art.

"I make art as an opportunity to express myself as well as to bring awareness of modern Indigenous communities to greater America."


Lia Roccucci

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Lia is a second-year chemistry major at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She's currently involved in polymers & coatings research and plans to pursue a career in the paint industry.

"Art, especially working with fluid materials, allows me to fully express my thoughts and emotions through color and composition."

More creators coming soon!

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