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Thank you for taking part in our virtual event this year!

Complete steps 1 - 3 below to make a donation. All proceeds go to IYT.


Decide on your preferred donation method. Encourage a friend or family member to match your donation!

Please note that selecting 'Art' will still require a donation completed by Venmo or check.

Part A


Feeling creative?

Check out our art page to explore pieces donated by our featured creators and learn more about how you can receive art for your donation.



For the minimalists.

Keep it simple and send in a donation through IYT's Venmo account. Encourage a friend or family member to match your donation!




Go old-school.

Snail-mail a check, payable to Improve Your Tomorrow, Inc. with "Art for Abhi" notated in the memo, to:


Improve Your Tomorrow, Inc
4229 Northgate Blvd. Suite 5
Sacramento, CA 95834


Fill out the form indicating your preferred donation method and amount.

If you would like the opportunity to receive an art piece, visit our Art page to learn more about our collections prior to filling out the form, as you will need to indicate your collection preference.

Part B


Send in your donation, and ensure that you have filled out the form in Part B!

Check Part A for Venmo and mailing details. Art recipients will be notified once donations close. 

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